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Children who
see the war

We have collected over 100 graphic works about pain, fear, and hope - about how Ukrainian children have seen the war.

This project will help them return to the Kharkiv School of Modern Theater and Stage Directions curriculum.

These artworks are treasures we wish the world would’ve never seen.

About the project

Children who see the war is an NGO project that contains over 100 comics and posters where Ukrainian children tell their personal stories about the pain, fear, and hope they’ve been through since the beginning of the war.


Most authors are students of the School of Modern Theater and Stage Directions located in Kharkiv, in the infamous Saltivka district. The Russian army destroyed many residential buildings, schools, and preschools in this area. Fortunately, the School building has survived, but students and faculty can’t continue their work because the School has no shelter to guarantee the safety of the educational process, especially during air-raid alarms.

Currently, the School operates in remote mode only. Still, children need a safe space where they can communicate with teachers, think, create, and design.

Donations will be used to build a shelter as part of the School of Modern Theater and Stage Directions infrastructure — a safe haven and a creative area for young artists.


Serhiy Zhadan

Ukrainian writer, poet and musician

Serhiy Zhadan is the partner of the project "Children who see war."  Serhiy supports us and helps the team work on its implementation.

His contribution to supporting the project is priceless.

How to help

Send a donation using our payment details.

If you want to be a sponsor for the project or support the school on an ongoing basis, contact us.

Comic book

Once we collect enough orders, we will start printing a comic book with the best artwork. This book will symbolize Ukraine’s essential historical and cultural path and show how children have survived the war.

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