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Comics book

We want to help Ukrainian children who have suffered during the war express their thoughts and feelings with the help of art; unite as many participants as possible so that their stories are heard and seen worldwide.


We aim to raise funds to print a comic book that includes the best works children and their teachers created. This edition will symbolize Ukraine’s significant historical and cultural path and tell how children survived this difficult time.


The funds collected from the sale of the book will be used to construct a bomb shelter on the territory of the Kharkiv School of Modern Theater and Stage Directions, which will become a safe shelter and an area of creativity for young artists.

We are currently collecting funds for the first edition of the book

Once we collect 100 orders, we will launch the first print run of the comic book. If a sufficient number of orders are not collected, the collected money will be used for the construction bomb shelter on the school territory.

How to get a copy of the book

Donate to the account of the project "Children who see war" for the amount of UAH 650 (or more) and fill out the book order form, attaching the money transfer receipt. As soon as the print run is printed, we will send you your copy. * **

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