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About School

The Kharkiv School of Modern Theater and Stage Directions has existed since the early 90s. During all this time, the School has been a creative space for young artists: animators, actors, dancers, vocalists, artists, instrumentalists, and journalists.


The school is located in Kharkiv, in the infamous "Saltivka" district. The Russian army destroyed many residential buildings, schools, and preschools. Fortunately, the School building has survived, but students and faculty can’t continue their work because the School has no shelter to guarantee the safety of the educational process, especially during air-raid alarms.

Currently, the School operates in remote mode only. Still, children need a safe space to communicate with teachers, think, create, and design.


Donations will be used to build a shelter as part of the School of Modern Theater and Stage Directions infrastructure — a safe haven and a creative area for young artists.


The School of Modern Theater and Stage Directions was founded in 1990.

Children are engaged in creativity in one of the directions of the school: theater, art, choreography, animation and television.


Zinaida Murzina

Director and Founder of the School

For more than 30 years, Zinaida has been the institution’s director and founder of the School. Zinaida is a talented administrator and manager. She opened a television and animation department — earlier than any other school of aesthetic education. In addition to that, Zinaida created an opera theater, a music-drama theater, a folk dance ensemble with a theatrical focus, a youth theater, and a youth animation studio.

The School of Modern Theater and Stage Directions is a starting point for every child. Here we learn to turn your dreams into reality, communicate and share your thoughts, make friends, and cooperate.

More detailed information can be found at the school website

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